our mission

Facilitate sustainable business practices to thrive in the global green and social economy.

A bit of our story

Back in 2023, Co-Founders Francine and Paula ignited a vision for a startup where sustainability and financial carbon accounting were integrated into business strategies. Their idea? Incorporating sustainability strategies and carbon accounting for businesses of all sizes. Eight months later, Adri joined the team, bringing her expertise in Diversity & Inclusion projects to the table. Despite their different backgrounds, the trio shared a common understanding: that every aspect of their journey is interconnected. Together, they formed a team, boasting expertise in sustainability methodologies, carbon accounting, and social impact. Their purpose? Help businesses embrace positive outcomes for people, communities and the planet.

What guides us:

education as the key to transformation.

promoting meaningful changes that benefit people, communities and the planet.

a more holistic and integrated approach, to build regenerative strategies.

accelerating the transformation towards sustainable practices.

authenticity and accountability in reporting practices and actions.

focusing on circular practices, committing to long-term sustainability and regenerative impact.

for a diverse and inclusive world.


Conexus.Earth is designed to simplify the journey towards sustainability, making it accessible and achievable for businesses of all sizes.

Connection- Action

Conexus.Earth partners with companies to transform and manage their business by unlocking the value of identifying opportunities through sustainable & ESG practices.

Transform sustainability into your competitive advantage today!

Meet the team

Dr. Francine Tavares

The ESG Integration Specialist

Francine brings scientific knowledge in sustainability & ESG. Expert in global sustainability & ESG practices and the integration of frameworks and standards, Fran develops sustainability practices and corporate reporting that harmonize the interests of people, the planet, and businesses.

Ms. Paula Cope

The Carbon accounting Specialist

With over 12 years of running an accounting firm in Australia, Paula decided to specialise in Carbon Accounting. As a CPA, she is the financial backbone of Conexus.Earth and she leads the carbon accounting team. She collects all the data and calculates the carbon footprint impact of businesses.

Adriana Ferreira

The DEI Specialist

Adriana Ferreira is a Diversity and Inclusion professional with over 15 years of experience in leading strategies to promote equity and diversity within organizations. She previously led the implementation and management of IBM’s DEI programs in Latin America, focusing on gender equity, the inclusion of people with disabilities, LGBTI+ rights, and racial equity.

Accelerate sustainability & ESG transformation

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