Be audacious and think circular!

Everything is connected.

We are an organisation in action committed to putting Doughnut Economics into practice.

Be curious and broaden your thinking!

Inspired by the methodology of Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth, our movement exists to develop transformative ideas. Be a part of it.

We can make happen not just what is possible, but what looks impossible. Conexus.Earth is now building a multicultural community group to create projects connecting people and the planet, utilising and building on the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) tools.

We’re collaborating on fresh ideas and new solutions built on pure creativity and innovation. A local community of visionary minds and ambitious spirits, brought together by the chance to make history.

Gold Coast, Australia

On November 13 2023, Conexus.Earth was a local organiser for the first Global Donut Day, hosting an event on the Gold Coast.
It was a great opportunity to experience a transformative event encompassing a shift in mindset, empowerment through the doughnut vision for global impact, networking with sustainability enthusiasts, and inspiration to implement sustainable strategies into action steps.


Doughnut in Bali!

Conexus.Earth participated in a transformative workshop organised by Scale Cliamate Action at Green School in Bali. Beyond valuable networks, inspired the audience to turn ideas into action guiding the participants on applying these strategies in their daily lives. A meaningful collaboration for a more sustainable future.

A new way of seeing the world.

Meet the Doughnut and the concepts at the heart of Doughnut Economics.

By creating projects based on Doughnut’s core principles, you are part of a wider movement of change.

Title: The Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries. Credit: Kate Raworth and Christian Guthier. CC-BY-SA 4.0

Embrace the 21st Century Goal

Aim to meet the needs of all people within the means of the planet. Seek to align your organisation’s purpose, networks, governance, owner-ship and finance with this goal.

See the big picture

Recognise the potential roles of the household, the commons, the market and the state – and their many synergies – in transforming economies. Ensure that finance serves the work rather than drives it.

Nurture human nature

Promote diversity, participation, collaboration and reciprocity. Strengthen community networks and work with a spirit of high trust. Care for the wellbeing of the team.

Think in systems

Experiment, learn, adapt, evolve and aim for continuous improvement. Be alert to dynamic effects, feedback loops and tipping points.

Be distributive

Work in the spirit of open design and share the value created with all who co-created it. Be aware of power and seek to redistribute it to improve equity amongst stakeholders.

Be regenerative

Aim to work with and within the cycles of the living world. Be a sharer, repairer, regenerator, steward. Reduce travel, minimize flights, be climate and energy smart.

Aim to thrive rather than to grow

Don’t let growth become a goal in itself. Know when to let the work spread out via others rather than scale up in size.

Be strategic in practice

Go where the energy is – but always ask whose voice is left out. Balance openness with integrity, so that the work spreads without capture. Share back learning and innovation to unleash the power of peer-to-peer inspiration.

About Doughnut Economics

Derived from DEAL –

Take action

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The circular design thinking.

Educating changemakers.

Regenerative thinking

Thriving with purpose

Welcome to the movement 🍩.

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